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Our customers benefit from the innovative technologies developed that can enhance the wellbeing of pets and production animals. We work with our customers to develop formulations that meet specific needs.
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ITPGS™ is a patent pending proprietary blend of bioactives that improves key nutrient absorption supporting a healthy inflammatory and immune biomarker response, microbial balance, and antioxidant active. ITPGS reinforces and sustains a healthy microbiome, enhancing gut-mediated immunity, as well as absorption, bioavailability and utilization of nutrients and therapeutic agents. The use of Iron Transport Tocopherol Polyethylene Glycerol Succinate is a novel and cost-effective molecular approach of maintaining normal health conditions in animals by focusing on the gut first. By reducing or eliminating pathogens in the gut while increasing the absorption of important nutrients, the health of the gut is maintained. When the health of the gut is normal, then the animal has the best chance of overall health and a productive life.
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ADEPPT, or Advanced Digestive Enhancing Protein Plus Technology, is our patented non-antibiotic, all-natural blend of digestive enhancers. Its multifunctional formula works synergistically to reduce the pathogenic bacteria in the gut, neutralize free radicals, reduce pro-inflammatory mediators, promote growth and performance of good bacteria, and optimize nutrient absorption. Advanced Digestion Enhancing Protein Plus Technology contains a unique combination of the biopeptide O22 and the polysaccharide C22 that helps production animals fight Coccidiosis, Salmonella and maintain normal microbiome while helping to enhance normal weight gain.


Vets Plus is uniquely positioned to advance an alternative to antibiotics called Ovoceutin that provides a simple, shelf-stable solution that can revolutionize the way growth promotion is carried out.

This peptide is derived from eggs and helps to normalize the microbiome in the gut by binding free iron required pathogenic bacteria. This action also allows necessary probiotic bacteria the freedom required to maintain the microbiome. Ovoceutin carries the power of a natural iron binding glycoprotein for antimicrobial action with anti-inflammatory influence.


Vets Plus has over 30 years of experience in developing formulations with proven and stable probiotics. Our patented processes and quality standards assure products that deliver. VPI is the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of Probios brand products, utilizing proven probiotics developed by Chris Hansen.

We believe that the use of probiotics on either an episodic or ongoing basis can promote a superior sense of well-being and overall health in dogs, cats and horses. Animals do better when they have a balanced gastro-intestinal function:

Stable Chew

Stable Chew technology is used to form soft chews at optimal temperatures to maintain integrity of functional ingredients. These highly palatable chews are available in many sizes, shapes, and flavors to fit your marketing approach.

Key Features:

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Proprietary Turmeric Complex

We have synergistic mix of Curcumin and Tetrahydrocurcumin (metabolic form of curcumin) along with Turmeric extracts. This complex may help in supporting antioxidant and normal inflammation. It can complement the activities of canine formulations, designed for multiple issues.


It is our mission to help our customers realize their product vision. Our experienced research and commercial teams will work with you throughout the process, to develop and manufacture your products and materials, all to high-quality standards.

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